Pastoral Transition

A seven member Discernment Committee as been formed to begin the process of finding a permanent rector.

We need your daily prayers as we do this work, that we may we have clear minds, energy, and be always looking for God’s guidance.
In coming weeks, we will be reaching out to members and conducting surveys about what you want and in spiritual and pastoral guidance. Please answer as honestly as you can. Only in this way can we create a portfolio which will accurately reflect where St. Stephen’s is now and where we should go. This will then be a tool to help us attract the right group of applicants and select our next rector.

We Need Your Help! To reach a member of the committee for more information and share your thoughts, please contact the church office:

Bob Brotzman (Co-Chair)
Briarley Rogers (Co-Chair)
Julie Yowell (Chaplain)
Sarah Bywaters-Baldwin
BJ DeJarnette
Lydia Hansen
Ray Walker