Karen Rosica : Communications Director

Karen Rosica

Communications Director

Karen came to St. Stephen’s in 2006. In college, she majored in interior design, web design, and marketing. From 1997-2004, she was a marketing and merchandiser for Hallmark. For SSEC, she creates and manages all bulletins, announcements, prayers, website, social media, and advertising. Raised in Northern Virginia, Karen moved to Culpeper in 1996, where she enjoys gardening, photography, genealogy, yoga, wine tasting, cooking, and writing. She also supports the ASPCA and Soldier’s Angels.
Abbey Newton : Bookkeeper

Abbey Newton


Abbey came to St. Stephen’s in November of 2017. She is originally from Connecticut and moved to Va in 1994. She attended both Northern VA Community College and Radford University where she majored in Business. She has performed various accounting work over the past 20 years, most recently with the Dept. of Juvenile Justice. Abbey is the Church Bookkeeper and as such performs the accounting functions for the Church to include payroll, contributions, accounts payable and receivables, banking and credit card monitoring and reconciling and other day to day duties to ensure accurate accounting practices for the Church.  Abbey has been a resident of Culpeper since 2009 and is a current board member of the Culpeper County Disability Services Advisory Committee. She is a mom to a 20 year old son and enjoys reading and painting.
Ray Johns : Chief Sexton

Ray Johns

Chief Sexton

Ray began at St. Stephen’s in January 2018 has Chief Sexton, where he is always on the move around the church campus. Weekday mornings you might find him chatting with some of the Food Closet clients, as he maintains the facilities. Ray was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and now enjoys the simpler pace of Culpeper. He enjoys games that strengthen the mind, such as chess, scrabble, and backgammon. Being a typical sports fan, his heart is with his hometown teams, especially his “Skins.”

Leah Walker : Nursery Attendant

Leah Walker

Nursery Attendant

Leah has worked with the youth of St. Stephen's for over 15 years. She grew up in Culpeper and currently works with Healthy Families Culpeper, an early childhood program. Leah serves as one of two attendants for our nursery.

Kim Cotter : Nursery Attendant

Kim Cotter

Nursery Attendant