"Our mission is to equip students to become servant-leaders in their home, church, schools, and communities. This is done through prayer, knowledge of the Bible, serving others, and support from one another”.


St. Stephen’s is committed to helping reveal Christ’s love and care for students in an environment that is fun and welcoming. Students have the opportunity to belong in a group and learn about who Jesus is, so that they may live the life of love and service He modeled.

Revelation Youth Group

Revelation Youth Group is a group of middle and high school students who are interested in experiencing a prayer and scripture study in a manner that is relevant to their lives.


Revelation Youth Group meets on the second Sunday of each month around 12:00 p.m. in the youth area, for a light lunch. Scripture is discussed and how it relates to their daily lives, followed by an activity, project or social event.  The group enjoys their own special area, which includes a small chapel, movie room, lounge area and a pool table. Information about Revelation’s monthly plans are located on the Welcome Center bulletin board, in the monthly Red Door Newsletter or listed in the Announcements in the Sunday worship bulletin.  


Mission Trips
Youth Sunday
Local Service Days
Fundraising: Car Washes, Yard Sales, Jewelry Sales
Over Night Lock-ins
Mardi Gras Party
Hallows Eve
Movie Nights
Dinner Nights and more.


EMAIL / FACEBOOK revelation.youthgroup  / TWITTER @RevelationYG07


Is there a God? What is he like? Does he have any impact on my life right now? That’s what Youth Alpha is about. The group talks about some of the most important questions known to man. These questions have affected person after person and now it is time for us to wrestle through these same questions. Alpha is fun and it’s really interesting. In addition, you can say what you really think and ask what’s really on your mind. God—life—faith—what’s the point of it all? We’ll be using a brand-new film series just for Youth Alpha. Therefore, whether you have some faith or no faith, whether you go to church or have never been in one, Youth Alpha is for you. Stay tuned so you can find out how and when to sign up!

Check out the first session and see what you think—no pressure. Contact the church office for more information at 540-825-8786.